Middle Colonies Vs Southern Colonies Essay

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Diversity is based on population, climate, economics, social structure, religion, government, and the composition of the residents. In the New World there were three regions, New England, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies. New England included the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The middle colonies were made up of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The southern colonies included Maryland, New Mexico, Florida, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Each region was different for numerous reasons. New England was different from the other colonies due to the economy, the production and distribution of goods and services in a country. In the middle colonies, compared to the other two regions, there was the largest variety of people living there. The southern colonies had the warmest climate out of all the regions, which was good for farming. Although the regions were part of the same country they each had things that made them unique. New England had attracted colonists because there were so many possible jobs. Jobs included lumbering, fishing, fur trading, shipbuilding, and rum distilling. New Englanders could also be farmers but few families became wealthy…show more content…
New England colonists were like the colonists of the middle colonies because they shared English nationality and the determination to expand at the expense of the Native Americans. The colonists in the southern and middle colonies were similar because they both had access to major seaports and fertile soil. A similarity between the southern colonies and New England would be that in both regions the colonist were able to elect representatives. All the colonies stemmed from England but in the end they became their own regions with their own ways of
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