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I’m a follower of Jesus recovering from, well, a lot of things. Let me tell you about my family. My siblings and I were raised to not disappoint anyone. However, being the middle child, oh we need to stop the middle child = black sheep because the middle children tend to settle into that expectation since it is what people think of us anyway. Either way, that stereotype doesn't help.

Going back to my childhood and family background, I was the first one to make a mess; I did not live up to my parents' expectations even if I can. I do well in school, sports, and music, but I just didn’t feel like doing more because I was so unmotivated. I don't really remember a lot of childhood stuff. Let's skip to the ones I remember:

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As I was being delayed in college because of my choices, I started using illegal drugs but I got bored of it. When the people close to my heart got curious about drugs, I took it upon myself to introduce it to them so that I can control how much they use for their first time and they wouldn't overdose.

I never got addicted with any substance; may it be alcohol, cigarettes, recreational and prescription drugs. I did try to abuse it didn't work. So when my friends found out that I never get hooked on anything, they asked for my help to get over their addictions. I tried by altering the substance while taking note of their behavior. I found those people as test subjects and it was fun because I saw a challenge. However, it was a short-lived experiment and it was the high of the trial and error that made me happier more than anything. You see, being a psychology major placed me in an advantage; I never got into serious trouble with my entire misdemeanor because I learned to manipulate scenarios, people and their reactions. I live my life as if I'm at the edge of the cliff; always at the peak but never falling into the abyss. To protect myself from being hurt by others, I became cold, detached, and harsh. Add improper relationships during all these and you got

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