Middle School Adolescents

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Introduction The social and emotional well-being of children, specifically adolescents is very important to me because that is something I struggled with as a pre-teen. Middle school was difficult for me because I had many issues with friends, I was experiencing body and mind changes and I had low self-esteem. During this time, I did not have anyone to talk to about these problems, so I had to manage these difficulties alone. I remember wishing I had someone to talk to or someone to help me maneuver through these tough times, but I was not comfortable enough with anyone to share what was going on or I did not think they could truly help. Although middle school was rough socially and emotionally, it did not interfere with my academics. In…show more content…
Some adolescents never learn how to effectively manage conflicts, have the ability to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships and raise their self-esteem. In addition to social and emotional issues, some adolescents may not have support from home, which could help balance the problems at school. I believe schools should incorporate a social and emotional component or curriculum that could help guide students during the adolescent stage. My personal experience led me to wonder how beneficial it would be for urban middle school students to belong to a program or social group or have exposure to a curriculum that helps them navigate this rapid change in…show more content…
In addition, middle school students are sometimes described as having negative attitudes, are more likely to dislike school, possess a decrease in motivation and are more likely to engage in behavioral misconduct (Raphael & Burke, 2012). The combination of the social and emotional needs of adolescents and the environmental change of middle school can clash and cause academic and social and emotional challenges for students. For example, the design of middle school, such as having multiple teachers can be too impersonal for the developmental needs of some adolescents (Raphael & Burke, 2012). Overall, the developmental change of adolescents and the environmental change of middle school could cause social and emotional challenges for students, therefore, they may need more support in that

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