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The performance was a silent reminder of my first and last year of middle school band. I attended the Middle School Band Festival performed by the 4 middle schools put into 2 groups. Newton and Powell Middle School performed first followed by a cooperation of Goddard and Euclid Middle school. The ensemble began to
The performance was concert consisting of 4 songs per group with a total of 8 songs. The first 2 songs Semper Fidelis by John Philip Sousa, arranged by Paul Lavender and Mars by Gustav Holst arranged by Johnnie Vinson were conducted by Powell’s Music Director Mrs. Jenkins. Both songs were relatively short around 3-4mins long. The again all the songs were relatively short. Newton’s band director Mrs. Bransgrove directed A Sailor’s
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Goode. Sailor’s Odyssey as I said before had a fun beat that was passed around from section to section and I was really excited when the rhythm moved to the percussion section as I’m also a percussionist. When the rhythm was passed to the percussion section they were really confident. I don’t know whether they were playing the right beats or night but they played with confidence. One of the first thing that I learned this year in Concert Band is to play loud and confident even though it might be wrong. I also enjoyed Snake Charmer as the melody was always a bit complex and the tambourine part was on spot. That was the part that held the band together. It was the main beat that everyone could look to. Johnny B. Goode was another one of my favorites as there was an electric guitar part. Although he played his part kind of week probably because of he was singled out from the rest of the ensemble. This song also reminded me of my 8th grade concert where we had orchestra join us and we had many people on string instruments. The performance could have been better if the kids in the ensemble weren’t so nervous. During Mighty Mite the crash cymbal part played as if he was nervous. When ever he crashed it was kind of audible and it sounded unsure. Almost as if there was a moment of hesitation because he was afraid he was wrong.
This concert was a great performance and it was free. How many things

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