Middle School Diversity Video Analysis

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In middle school, students are starting to learn about themselves and the world around them. The factors of how they were raised contribute to their experience throughout life. Each culture has different views they are design to follow based on their heritage which affects whom they associate themselves throughout middle school where they are being to identify themselves. While they are identifying themselves they are comparing new music, trends, and personal experiences, but unless a student is introduce to other cultures in an early age, they tend to not seek the understanding of other cultures. Therefore, the ‘diversity activity’ will help students understand the difference of other cultures and social identity through small group conversation.…show more content…
The teacher will advise the students to think of the warm-up question of “who am I?” 5 minutes 2. Next the teacher will give the students instructions of the lesson for the day. As the student will learn different cultures within their classroom and how they can relate to the cultures. 5 minutes 3. Following the instruction of the lesson for the day, the teacher will show a video “Middle school Diversity Video”. The video will help the students recognize how each student is different from themselves. 3 minutes 4. The teacher will hand out a worksheet for the students to ask each other questions. 5 minutes. 5. The teacher will split the students up in a group of 3 based on the cultural differences. Before the students start their discussion, they will pick which student in their group they want to do research on pertaining to their culture. The students will discuss their nationality, family values and other important factors of themselves. 27 minutes. Day two 1. The teacher will restate the lesson the students were previously working on and explain the entire class period will consist of their researching the student they pick. The students will pick out a computer to do the research. 15

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