My First Day Of Middle School Essay

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“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will,either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once” -Paulo Coelho

The first day of middle school wasn’t a big deal for me since I was going to a K-8 school since third grade. But when I switched schools at the beginning of eighth grade I was excited yet scared at the same time.I was excited to make new friends, have new classes and to get to finally use my new chromebook.But I was scared because I didn’t have any friends.I thought finding friends would be the hardest part of the year but it was easier then I thought .I found two friends by the start of second period on the first day of school in the place I would least expect it.We met while trying to find the
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The worst part about leaving my old school was leaving all of my closest friends behind. I couldn’t even think about having to make new friends. I thought that was going to be hard for me since I was very shy coming into eighth grade. But it ended up being easy since I met two people that are new to the school like I was.Even though I made only a few friends this year that was all I needed to learn that everything happens for a reason because if all of us didn’t move to the same school then we would have never been friends. When I moved from my old school to where I am now I was worried. I wasn’t worried about making friends but leaving the ones I made throughout the last five years. When I told my best friend she got about as sad as I was but not quite. I thought that by the time I started school the next year she would have already forgotten about me. Surprisingly she didn’t and we hung out every weekend and even played on the same soccer team that year. I think that our friendship will stand the test of time because even though we have been separated for a year we still have a good
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