Middle School Get Me Out Of Here Rhetorical Analysis

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Middle School Get Me Out Of Here James Patterson
Rafe adjusts to his new school by acknowledging the school’s art programs and classes and by causing a little trouble with Zeke and Kenny. For instance, after Mrs. Ling gave Rafe and the other students a tour around the art section of the school, Rafe thought that the new school was extraordinary and that “seventh grade was looking up, up, UP!” (Page 57, Patterson). In addition, after Zeke and Kenny made Rafe look like a total fool during the critique, Rafe and his new friend Matty threw rubber glove balloons filled with water at Zeke and Kenny as their revenge. Rafe’s biggest fears about moving to the city are that he won't make any friends there and that he will get bullied. For instance, in
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Leo's insight; “Most of that stuff is just about classes you have to go to anyway, and walking around the city on a leash with Mom. You're not even trying to make this interesting.” Leo's reasons are justified because he is developing Rafe's future memories and making sure Rafe has a fun, memorable year. For instance, he made a new rule that for every ten small things Rafe puts on the list, Rafe needs to do a big thing and when Rafe questioned a big thing, Leo explained that it will have to be something he'll remember for the rest of his life. Rafe's reaction to Leo's new rules was positive because the new rules made him realize that he needed to step up his game. Rafe's thoughts were “Still, Leo had a point. If this mission was going to be worth doing, I needed to do it right” (Pages 112-114, Patterson). Rafe is going to keep his “no-hurt rule” and follow Leo's guidelines and new rules by making sure he doesn't pull a stunt on Zeke and Kenny again and that he doesn't get detention or in trouble with his mother. For instance, he won’t interact with Zeke and Kenny because he nearly got caught and in big trouble with the principal. In addition, before the new rules, Rafe insisted “If I get detention, it's one week of time out. If I get suspended–game over. And most of all, If mom…show more content…
In addition, Rafe thought there was no point in ratting Zeke out because he was the one who pulled the water rubber glove balloon fiasco and the art nap stunt on Zeke anyway, so the blame would still fall on Rafe either way. Now, Rafe has to suffer the consequences of in-school suspension and being grounded, although he still knows that Matty has his back and that he has a remaining

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