Middle School Narrative

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I can’t wait to start middle school. Starting middle school can be overwhelming where three schools merge together but meeting new people is the only thing on my mind. Middle school is where you expand your group of friends adding more people or stay the same. So of course I stared expanding, gaining more friends but I guess I didn’t notice I was walking into something dark.

I didn’t really notice that I was going into the wrong group. I thought they were nice people, always had my back, very understanding people. But boy was I wrong. Everything started to go downhill for a while. My attitude started to change, becoming more rambunctious, starting to be more moody and gloomy, incapable of listening to rules. I was just getting worst by the days. All I really wanted was to have a little fun. For a sensitive person you get hurt very easily. I, being called names, was not the best
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My wall is too hard to break. Day by day the wall in my head gradually gets thicker and taller by the minute. The maze in my head keeps adding more rows to turn from, running away from something that I can’t handle anymore all the negative, all the hatred that I get, it’s just too much to carry on anymore I just have to get away from it. But there’s something that keeps drawing me back to them, maybe it’s my kindness that wants me to stay?

Hollow, hollow is the feeling I got waking up in the morning, trudging my way into the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror I take a look a look in my eyes to see bloodshot eyes from crying, no excitement shines through them anymore, no more love just eyes that stare right back at me. My parents ask what’s wrong with me but the answer would always be “I’m fine”. I’m a big girl, I can handle it from here, but I guess the pressure was too heavy to handle. Do you know the quote “The girl who everybody thinks is happy she cries herself to sleep” some nights I was like
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