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Should 6th Grade Be Placed In Elementary or Middle School? By: Wiktoria Kaciak #16 Ding! The bell goes off. You, as the youngest student on campus, stand there in the middle of the hallway, watching as all of the older students rush to class. Then, all of a sudden, you get in trouble for being late to class. You try to explain to the teacher that everyone was running past you and you did not know where to go. However, she says you are in middle school and this is no excuse. Are YOU mentally prepared for this now in 6th grade? Over the past few years, there has been a debate whether or not 6th grade should stay at elementary school or be moved to middle school. Some say, in junior high students will be taught by experts specializing in the subjects they are…show more content…
A few say, that at intermediate school, teachers and administrators require students to buy extra products for the new year. Some of these supplies may get quite pricy and a lot of families may not afford all of these items. This lack of money unfortunately results in some students to get teased and bullied. They often get called names because of how they might have to use an old backpack from their brother or sister, or having to use used and worn down school materials. In elementary school though, parents and their children may not have to buy extra materials for the new year as much of what they need, they already possess at home. In conclusion, 6th graders should stay in elementary school because of numerous social and emotional reasons as well as financial and educational difficulties they may face at a new school. These include: teasing/ bullying, negative outcomes in the future, and anxiety/ depression. In the end, if students stay at elementary school they can personalize their education, have a better idea of what they still need to learn, and interact with younger
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