Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life

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The emerging theme of Middle school The Worst Years of My Life is that trying to be popular isn 't the best idea. First of all trying to be cool isn 't a good idea because Rafes best friends maybe don 't like how your acting. Also if you 're trying to act cool can backfire.

In middle school worst years of my life Rafe and his special operation called operation R.A.F.E Rules Aren 't For Everyone. Rare tries to break every rule in the school before the end of the year. For example if Rafe breaks a rule he gets a specific amount of points if rafe calls out in class he gets 100 points but when Rafe gets in detention he gets 2,000 points.

To expand on the idea that Rafe is trying to be cool isn 't a good idea because your best friends maybe
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