Middle School Transition

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The transition from Middle School to High School is extremely different on many levels. Many people that have already made their transition describe their Middle School experience as demanding and challenging. Be aware that in High School, you are given more freedom and opportunities. The size of the school is changed drastically. You need to come to the reality that you are surrounded by peoples who are four years older than you, adults. This allows you to be more prepared to enter college and the “real world”.
In Lawrence Middle School, you are prohibited to wear certain apparel such as flip flops, shorts on the shorter side, thin straps on shirts, and more. In Lawrence High School, the administrators are more lenient, although if
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You will be given a packet of required courses to take such as fine arts, economics or principles of investing, and a 21st century class. Also, you are required to take swimming classes for gym. You have around seven minutes to get dressed, and after the swimming class if over, you are given about fifteen minutes to shower and get to put dry clothes on. You may pick your electives, but as a freshman or sophomore, you are limited to certain electives, so when you are in eleventh and twelfth grade, you will be able to chose from a larger variety. I highly suggest that you complete your required classes by the end of your sophomore year. It will be beneficial to choose from more desired classes junior year because you are finally given that opportunity. The electives you choose can help discover your passions and your career path. So if you choose to apply to college, you have background information from your electives that could prepare you for your major. If you feel overwhelmed, you could choose to take a study hall to relieve stress. During this period, you may work on your homework, study for tests, or take a break. Although I do not suggest taking this class during your freshman year, it is always an…show more content…
In the high school if you have one unexcused late, it is a detention. Although, the transition from middle school to high school may be challenging, it is very rewarding. In high school you are given more opportunities and freedom, that you should handle responsibly. High school shapes you into the person you will be and will help prepare you in the future. You realize what you want to accomplish in life, how to handle situations, and meet new people. Your high school experience could be enjoyable, only if you make it that way. Having a negative attitude going into high school, will not help you or the
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