Middle School Vacation

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This is the last vacation of the year, class," explained Mrs. Spivey. It is the last year of middle school, so they take us on a ginormous field trip, Hawaii. The trip has a pricey cost of about two thousand four hundred dollars. "Beep Beep, Beep Beep." It is three thirty in the morning, and we have to grab our luggage and sleepily headed for the airport. Our flight leaves at five a.m. We have to pick up a couple friends on the way, so we have to leave extra early. After we pick up my friend we are going to Chick-fill-a. The crispy chicken melts in my mouth, the sprite just sparkles in the moonlight, and the saltiness of the waffle fries makes my mouth water. "Welcome Powerdsville Middle School, we are pleased you are flying American today. We hope you have an excellent ride!" Politely spoke the flight attendant. Fortunately, on the fourteen hour plane ride I get to with Makayla T. and Aniston B. Makayla has brown hair, an exciting personality, and very rambunctious. Aniston has, brown hair and she is very tamed. Since we are flying for so long they let us rent out iPads so we can play battleship over the ocean. We arrive in Maui, Hawaii a two o'clock which is seven o'clock in South Carolina. Today we don't have anything…show more content…
Our first hour and I have already consumed about a quart of the saltiest, salt-water I have ever tasted. I finally got the hang of it when our teacher related it to gymnastics. Everyone got the hang of it by then. We were all having fun and games until we saw a silver fin braking the surface of the water. The lifeguards went insane but unfortunately Emma didn't see the shark, and I surfed by her and yelled," Emma shark!!" It was too late by the time I was on the grainy, squishy sand Emma was gone. The gray, feisty, and violent shark ate Emma up in one bite. I have always been terrified of sharks, so for the rest of the trip I am staying out of the

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