Midlife Crisis In Neddy's Midday Life

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This passage reflects not only a passing of time, but also that Neddy’s memory is obviously apprehensive and erroneous. Neddy’s inability to remember substantial details about his neighbors indicates that he has been dangerously unfocused with his everyday life. Suggesting that depression or some other type of psychological illness could be distracting Neddy, rendering him incompetent of separating his memories from the reality which surrounds him. Also the fact that the Welcher’s pool has dried up is also imperative because it epitomizes an intermission in his journey, just as a midlife crisis interposes the previously smooth lives of men and women in our society. Midlife crises are commonly alleged to be experienced during the ages of 40 and 60, in which it can be presumed Neddy is perhaps somewhere in this age range. It is thought to be a time when people are typically emotionally disgruntled in their lives. They can be depressed and in need of psychotherapy, and experience a diversity of feelings including unhappiness, boredom, confusion, uncertainty, anger, doubt, a desire for new relationships, and a need to change. As Neddy conveys on with his voyage, the weather continues…show more content…
Upon arrival, Neddy notices that his house is locked and that it appears weathered and damaged. He finds nonentity and no one there his family has somehow abandoned him without him even discerning. Neddy is left as a confused and exhausted man with everything he once cared about absent. Countless diverse factors could have led to the cataclysmic ending of Neddy Merrill’s swimming pool journey. Throughout the trip it was clear that he enjoyed drinking, perhaps a bit too copiously, and this could have been the catalyst which flashed the commencement of the end for Neddy. He clearly had some sort of financial calamity that quickly ate away at the comfortable lifestyle he and his wife and children were previously accustomed to
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