Midlothian Middle School Research Paper

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Midlothian Middle School has been the place covering up hundreds of pieces of history these past hundreds of years. So much history that one could have a hard time memorizing all of it. There is one story though, one that stuck around. Always there, knocking on the back of your head asking to come into your mind like when someone knocks on your door asking to come in. The spot where Midlothian Middle school stands today sure has been a hotspot for some interesting history. Like for example, the school used to be way smaller and children would get to school on a horse with a dock for you and other children to sit on. There were also mines that have been covered up today that used to be used to mine coal. As deep to 200 through 800 feet. The…show more content…
There is also a ghost in the locker rooms today at Midlothian Middle in the girls locker room. People believe that it might be the same ghost but we don 't know. It might be another ghost who died somehow. All we know is that girls claim they here giggling from a little girl while changing. And that in the showers sometimes all of them will turn on at the same time and spray water everywhere. They say the lights flicker so fast it could give someone a seizure. This ghost has never really killed anybody but really will terrorize you if you dare mess with her. Rumor has it that this ghost likes to open all the lockers in the locker rooms at night and that is why sometimes when the girls come to school and go to gym all the lockers are wide open. Sometimes the ghost throws everything in the lockers everywhere so basically when that happens all the girls have to go through the stuff trying to find their belongings. The ghost also will shut off all the lights randomly. The ghost sometimes is in the boys locker room and will throw all the uniforms around without even going into the lockers because none of the boys put their stuff in the lockers. The ghost makes the lights flicker, and will lock all the lockers and put their stuff in the lockers so they have to actually put their combo in so they actually learn to keep stuff in the lockers. We will never know if this is the same ghost. But reporters say it is not. We will never know. Watch your back at that school, you never know, you
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