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Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo aka My favorite book. This book is about Charlie Bone who has the ability to talk with paintings/portraits, with this unique ability he goes to Bloor Academy. Bloor Academy an elite school for the wealthy and the gifted. The book follows Charlie as he progresses Bloor’s Academy. I read this during the 3rd grade and, I found it really exciting because of his unique power which allowed him to speak to paintings. The way the author (Jenny Nimmo) wrote the book was for it to be a cliffhanger (from what I remember.) The book was also written in a way so that a 3rd grader would be able to read it and understand what is happening. What I really liked about the way it was written was that it made me feel like I was older then I really was. The book also had this way that if you forgot 30 pages worth of info, you would be able to recover and relearn what happened. I think the author wrote the book this way because it was meant for…show more content…
What really was surprising to me was that when a person thinks about powers, they would think about super strength, speed, flying powers etc. This book is different it didn 't make Charlie have the abilities of a god, he just has this ability to be able to speak with paintings and portraits. What I liked about the book is that she made the book into the mindset of a kid. If you admit it, one point in our life we have daydreamed of yourself going to a really prestigious school or that, you had powers of some sort. One question. What was her motivation to write 8 books. This book didn’t really “teach” me anything but it it meaningful to me. The book Midnight for Charlie Bone was one of the most important books to me, why? This was the first actually chapter book that I read and, it was the first book I read where I

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