Midnight In Paris In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann depicts how a man named Gatsby is lost in the past because of his love for a girl named Daisy. It is an interesting point of view considering the fact that Gatsby is a very wealthy man in the 1920s. His whole life is mostly about trying to get back the love of his life and he loses his ability to use common sense on his adventure. Midnight in Paris directed by Woody Allen shows a writer named Gil lose interest in his wife named Inez as he finds way nicer and better people while mysteriously time traveling to the 1920s in Paris. On his journey he finds some of the most famous artists and authors of the time period that inspire him on the book he is writing and also on the decisions he should make with…show more content…
The Great Gatsby is very flashy with all its outrageous commotion during parties but in Midnight in Paris there seems to be a more realistic representation of what was actually going on during parties and speakeasies during the 20s. Lighting plays a role in both films. Gatsby always seems to see the green flashing light at the dock of daisy’s house. Anytime Gil is in the modern time with his wife their seems to be a glossy gold filter that just doesn’t look right but when he goes into the past the lighting just really makes the environment stand out and feel interesting. The lighting here is used to show that Gil belongs in the past or that the past is a better time in general. Most scenes in The Great Gatsby seemed almost like they were sped up. It really made the film feel very fake at times. Even though Gil time travels in Midnight in Paris, the pacing of the film feels real and has a more comfortable flow. The Great Gatsby story is one of sorrow. For example when Myrtle is killed, when Tom slaps Myrtle across the face, or even when Gatsby is killed. It was interesting to see how slow motion was used for both of these shots. The director was being clever by hinting at her death later with this slow motion. It’s hard for a film like Midnight in Paris to show this sadness when nothing this dramatic ever happens in the
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