Midnight Madness Program Summary

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The Midnight Madness program will utilize various inputs in order to provide activities to the participants. The programs main inputs will be volunteers, staff, and the MLK center. Having volunteers will decrease our funding needs, and we believe that the University of North Carolina Wilmington students and the Cape Fear Community College students will be a great resource for our program.

The program will also have paid staff, which includes two recreational/tutoring assistance receiving $15 per hour, a Recreations Director receiving $21 per hour, and a security guard receiving $19 per hour. We have chosen these salaries to ensure that qualified individuals are chosen. The security guard is particularly important, in order to make the center
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The participants will be able to ask the staff on hand for help with any of their homework or academic needs too. To add diversity to the academic aspect, enrichment workshops with guest speakers will be scheduled once a week. Also, the tutoring assistants will be able to help with Job applications and college applications components, such as FASFA and resume writing.

In addition to these educational components, the program will offer sports recreation in the form of basketball games. These games will allow participants to get in the recommended exercise for the day, and work together with other participants.

The Midnight Madness Program enables females and males ranging from 12-18 years old to participate in fun and productive activities from 7PM-2AM. The program will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, every week.

By implementing this program we hope to increase our participant’s graduation rate, and academic and job application performance. We also believe that the program will decrease the crime rate and youth gang violence in Downtown Wilmington. When these outcomes are reached Downtown Wilmington will be a safer and more connected community. Also, the participants will create a more educated and prepared

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