Midnight On The Moon Analysis

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Mary Pope Osborne. Midnight On The Moon. North Carolina. Scholastic. October 29, 1996. Print.

This is a story about Jack and Annie when they search for a fourth M to save Morgan. Jack and Annie travel to the moon. Annie sees a light travel into Frog Creek Woods at exactly at midnight so they find the tree house. They find out that they are going to the moon and they say, “ I wish I could go there.” It turns out they travel to the future, and land in a moon base. Jack and Annie travel out on a moon buggy and spot and astronaut coming at them. They start fleeing from him, but after Jack and Annie slip and fall there is no getting up. The astronaut lands his jet pack and helps Jack and Annie get up. Jack decided to write the astronaut a note saying they come in peace. In return the astronaut gives a drawing of stars. Jack and Annie think it's a map and map starts
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Nobody wanted to do that so they all went home. The movie was all about space invaders trying to get back their power source because it was a meteorite that landed on earth. One of Joe’s brothers said that might happen to them because he saw a rock that looked exactly like the meteorite that the space invaders were trying to retrieve in their neighbor's backyard. They all stole it from her backyard and brought it to them. Joe’s oldest brother thought it might be radioactive so they all put on gloves for protection. Joe's friend Marty bought over his chemistry set to test on it. Marty said it was from outer space but not radioactive. So then everyone had a crazy idea of trying to talk to martians. Marty spent days trying to pick up a signal, but finally he found one and they had to return the meteor because that was their power source. The next day they saw guys in masks at the park and gave the meteorite to them because they thought they were

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