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She is the most well-known among the Indian English novelists who have tried to portray the misfortune of human souls trapped in the condition of life. After Nineteen sixties, Indian English Novel has noticeably changed in its themes and technique. The fiction shifted its main point from the public to the private life. The mass damage was caused by nuclear weapons in the Second World War and it brought disorder and unease all over the world. This situation gave rise to mental disorders and immoral values and it deeply disturbed man’s mental peace and harmony. The world literature responded to the new era and started to deal with different shady faces of modern civilization. The new generation novelists are very fashionable in India Literature…show more content…
Its messiah seems to have been Salman Rushdie. The appearance of Midnight’s Children in1981 brought about a renaissance in Indian writing in English which has outdone that of the 1930s. Its influence, acknowledged by critics and novelists alike, has been apparent in numerous ways.9 (Jon Mee.:2008, 318).

Women novelists appear to say rights of women must be preserved. It means that the feminine writers in India believe that woman should be treated as a human being and not as an animal in the family. So, like Deshpande, a number of Indian English feminine novelists gave their involvement for the extension of Indian English novel. So Bijay Kumar Das observes:

Indian English novel had its luxuriant growth in the hands of Amitav Ghosh, Upamanya Chattaterjee, Shashi Tharoor, Vikram Seth, Shashi Deshpande and a few others in the nineteen eighties and after.10 (Das: 2003, 55).

The productive contribution of Indian women novelists in post-independent India especially in the past two or three decades has been indisputably great and continuously rising. All the above novelists have written their novels with a realistic mode and their novels are narrated with a good narrative technique. Anita Myles
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It is the literature written by the Indians whose mother-tongue is not English. Iyengar believes that there are three types of Indian English writers, first those who have acquired their entire education in English schools and universities. Secondly, Indians who have settled in a foreign country but are constantly in touch with the changing surrounding and customs of their country of adoption, and finally, Indians who have acquired English as a second language. Therefore, a large number of Indians were greatly motivated by the genuine desire to present before the western readers authentic pictures of life in India through their frequent writings. Recently, the Novel emerged as the most forceful and convincing of all the genres of literature. It has been widely accepted as the most suitable form of exploring the experiences and ideas in today’s world. Indian English novels have acquired widespread approval, distinction and prestigious position in recent times in the whole world. The international literary awards like The Booker, The Pulitzer, The Sinclair won by Indian novelists demonstrate that they have been respected even by the western critics. It is now acknowledged that Indian English literature is not only part of Commonwealth literature, but also engages a great connotation in the World

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