A Midsummer Night Dream Theme Essay

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A Midsummer Night Dream In ‘A Midsummer Night Dream’ by William Shakespeare , Shakespeare uses five major themes .Love is the dominant theme,which is predominant in most shakespearean plays . Shakespeare asserts marriage as the self-realization of romantic love . Appearance and Reality play a key role in the play in the fact that the idea that things are not as they appear to be at the heart of A Midsummers Night Dream and in the title itself. Order and Disorder come into effect when the natural order is broken and once more restored ,The row between the fairy queen and king resulted in the seasons being disrupted it takes reconciliation between the two men to restore the natural order of things .
William shakespeare was an english poet
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This means that when love comes from looks it is more than likely gonna fail love comes from inside and shows actually how care for that person.
Another instance in the play that love comes into effect is at the beginning really one girl likes a guy but he loves her best friend like in real life in most cases she never gets a chance “the course of true love never did run smooth(). In the play love does not run smoothly it keeps from relationships forming all because of a flower.
In the play marriage plays a key role in most of the play though most marriages hit a rough patch or two like the one in the story. The Queen seems unhappy to the king so he send puck to get this flower so she will fall back in love with the king but little does he that when he sends puck after the boy for talking to the lady like garbage puck gives the flower power to the wrong guy with all of this going on the king says “ayme !for aught that ever i could read could ever hear by tale or history the course of true love never did run smooth”(). And love does not run smooth he had t go threw all of this to get his wife t love him
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