Midsummer Night's Dream Character Analysis

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What Will Be Your Ending? Humans only get one life. The way you live it shows what you wanted out of life. Sometimes we are humiliated and let that take over our lives and sometimes we learn from our mistake, which causes us to be humble. Shakespeare shows us that we have the choice on how our life will turn out. How we will make our lives important or choosing our endings. Change is a huge part of life and we must learn to adapt or we will be stuck in a part of our lives that will cause us to destroy our lives. The characters in Shakespeare has the right to choose their ending; However, some chose the right, but others chose wrong. Bottom the Weaver, a character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, develops change when he experiences humiliate and becomes a humble person. In Act I, scene II, Bottom is…show more content…
Portia character is so wonderful. She has the faith that her father’s words will help her find the right suitor; however, her faith did get shaky when it seemed like she would never find him. Portia stands for sacrifice, which is something she does the entire play. Waiting for a suitor, she sacrifices her own happiness to keep her promise to her father trusting his words. Portia sacrifices her own identity when she takes on the role as the doctor in court. She changes herself to help her husband’s friend. She could have easily gone to jail or possibly been killed for her actions if she was caught. Instead of being silent and in that period of time staying in a “woman” ideal place, Portia choose to be humble. However, I can argue her “happy” ending was not up to her standards. Bassanio promised her he would never take off his wedding ring and to the doctor, which was Portia, Bassanio gave upon his wishes. Portia’s character shows what faith and trust in herself and how humbled she was to listen. Jessica, Shylock’s daughter had another
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