Midterm Reflection: My Experience As A Student

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Midterm Reflection For my student teaching, I am placed in a first grade classroom at the same school I did my block three clinical hours at. Having already spent six weeks in the school prior before block 4 has helped me get to know some of the faculty along with helping me settle into things much easier. While being in the classroom for eight weeks, I have seen how my confidence and ability to be a successful educator has blossomed. Through my time in the classroom, I have found that I have been able to overcome challenges, become more confident, and watch students grow into successful scholars. Through all of this, I have seen myself grow both as a student and as a teacher. However, there are some aspects of teaching that I still struggle with and some that I am still working to improve upon. But as each day progressives so does my success. The first struggle that I have battle with is that sometimes I have create content that is at a much…show more content…
This originally has caught me by surprise because speaking in front of adults gives me gain high levels of anxiety. However, speaking in front of eighteen tiny humans brings out no fear in me at all. A possible explanation of this would be how my students have so much eagerness to learn and grow. A second positive that has been brought out of my teaching experience is how much I absolutely love teaching! Before I started this semester, I became heistent and nervous about teaching. I questioned on if I would be successful in fostering students learning. However, the first time I saw a student who was struggling using a strategy that I had taught him previously in the week found him to be successful. I knew that teaching had it hooks on me and was reeling me in. Each week I continue to student teach I develop a passion for the career path and become more eager to get my own classroom one
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