Midterm Reflection

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Kevin Pham
English CL
January 27, 2016
Midterm Reflection

In the category of Reading Literature in “Ninth & Tenth Grade Language Arts Learning Targets – Common Core”, I felt like I can cite and determine the theme of a text pretty well. I am very capable of supporting my point with “strong and thorough textual evidence”. From 8th grade to 9th grade, I also noticed that I have made some very significant improvements towards better vocabulary and word choice. However, one thing that I need to work on in this category is to try to figure out why the author used “specific words, text structure, event order, and time manipulation” to portray the theme of the text. In order to improve that for 2nd semester, I need to analyze the text more carefully with deeper meaning. Another thing that I need to improve in next semester is to read more at an appropriate reading level and to find some spare time to read it. For examples, it was very hard to read “Of Mice and Men” and “Fahrenheit 451” since it was written in a different time period, it was written at a high reading level, and there was very limited time to read them. Sometime in the first couple weeks of school, I remember reading this article named “10 Benefits of Reading and Why You Should Read Every Day”. According to this text, it shows how reading can benefit you in many ways, including the improvement knowledge and vocabulary. From reading, I can also improve many skills from this category alone. To improve myself
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