Midwife Interpersonal Skills

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The experiences women have during pregnancy and birth form a lasting memory, a story which is remembered and recalled over again. A midwife is a key figure in these stories and the relationship they have with their client can influence the way in which they are told. For this reason, a midwife must possess certain qualities to enhance the overall experience. Therefore, good interpersonal skills and selfconfidence are essential qualities for every midwife and these will be discussed in relation to good midwifery practice. The origin of the word midwife means "with-woman". A midwife journeys with the woman through her pregnancy forming a partnership with a shared objective, to end the journey with the safe arrival of a baby. Good interpersonal…show more content…
A client needs to feel secure that the midwife has everything under control at all times in order to relax and feel reassured. For instance, a high risk pregnancy will require the midwife to demonstrate a high level of clinical competence. Lack of confidence will negatively impact not only the client 's perception of the care she is receiving but can compromise a critical situation. The midwife must reflect on the client 's needs to maintain quality of care. In conclusion, a "good" midwife is one who possesses the ability to adapt her care approach to suit the client 's needs. Being a midwife is being a respected friend, a trusted advisor, an advocate. Whist many qualities are required it is the relationship between midwife and client that is the cornerstone to a positive pregnancy experience. Trust is a key factor in forming a successful relationship, therefore a confident nature is essential to give the client reassurance about the quality of care she is receiving. However, it is the strength of a midwife 's interpersonal skills that can elevate her from midwife to a "good"

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