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I believe that by applying myself with hard-work and commitment to the realisation of my goals, I will be able to achieve my potential and become an excellent midwife. Since the birth of my beautiful daughter I have been focussed on perusing a career in midwifery. The care and support that both my partner and I received throughout the Antenatal, Labour and Post-partum periods was outstanding and this made, what I can only describe as the most intense and incredible experience of my life. I would feel a huge sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing that my hard-work will allow me to guide thousands of expectant parents and families through this lifechanging journey. Midwifery is the only career I can see myself following. I have set my sights…show more content…
Observation and communication skills are something I feel I will use often as a midwife, applying them throughout pregnancy and labour. Rapid changes can occur at any point and It is crucial that changes are noticed at the earliest possible opportunity. Excellent communication must exist between both midwife and patient, ensuring that the patient is fully aware of the elements of care that she will receive, but also between colleagues making certain that staff are working harmoniously. Patience is also an essential quality and will most likely be applied daily. Midwifes must have a great understanding of the hormonal changes that occur both through pregnancy and Labour, we may be placed in situations that would test our patience under ordinary circumstances, but we must always remember how vulnerable the patient is feeling at that moment. Most of all Kindness and Empathy, having a certain understanding of how the patient is feeling and carrying ourselves in a way that will make the patient feel cared for and at ease is very important. All of this together will make for excellent patient centred care. I believe that I possess and have demonstrated each of the qualities expected of a diligent care worker and that of a fantastic student midwife, in accordance with the criteria the Nursing and Midwifery Council expect of registered

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