Midwifery Personal Statement

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At the age of 5 I recall being intrigued by my mother's pregnancy. The day my little brother was born I was amazed that he came from my mothers womb. I never forgot that wonderment. 16 years later I was able to experience another pregnancy (from an adults perspective) and was able to see all the different stages, even the birth. This so far has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. This made me aware that the role of a midwife involves more than just delivering babies. Despite the fact that child birth and the human body have always fascinated me, and that I'm sure delivering new born babies into the world could provide unparalleled job satisfaction, when I spoke to Irvine midwife Jackie Reid she made it clear that midwifery can be a tough, hard slog.
She pointed out that midwives work with women in a highly emotional state and try to guide them through the biggest, and most scariest event in their lives, a responsibility not to be taken lightly.
Another woman who influenced my decision
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My role is to hand out beverages to the patients, and talk to them. This is important as it boosts their morale. I regularly volunteer on the maternity and gynaecology ward, and have experience on many other wards. This has given me an insight into the roles of different health professionals, and witness part of the process of midwifery. From this I have become more confident and comfortable in a hospital setting, and have a greater awareness of current NHS practices. This experience has also expanded my interpersonal and communication skills, I feel it also represents the committed and caring attitude of my personality. I have a part-time job in a clothes shop. From working in a retail environment and coming into contact with members of the public I have learnt how to work under pressure. It has also improved my organisational and time keeping skills and demonstrated the hardworking side of my
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