Midwifery Practice In Nursing

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4. Discussion Nursing and midwifery is a stressful profession due to requirements of patients’ care. It requires a high degree of self-regulation and EI. Especially when this care is provided to the women during the stress of pregnancy and child birth. Nursing students work as caregivers in clinical areas early in their education. So, EI is required to help them to control their emotions; as inability to control emotions can lead to increase anxiety, stress and negatively affect the quality of care.[22] Emotion is fundamental to nursing and midwifery practice consequently, EI is considered as an important skill for nurses. It can affect the quality of their work including clinical decision-making, critical thinking, implementation of nursing…show more content…
This result is congruent with [28] In his study, of the four EI subscales, (receiving emotions, understanding emotions, using emotions, and managing emotions) the only significant correlation found was between understanding emotion and total clinical performance. On the other hand [37, 38] they checked the relationship between EI and nurses performance. Both of them demonstrated a significant positive relationship between all subscales of EI and nurses performance. This discrepancy between the present study and the latter studies might be related to the age and experience differences between the studies subjects. Where, the present study deals with student nurses with young age and limited experience, the latter studies deals with mature registered nurses with long experience. It is strongly acknowledged that age and experience play an important role in EI…show more content…
This result was consistent with the researches conducted by [39, 40, 41]The first had studied "validating relationships among attachment, EI and clinical communication". The second had studied "evaluation of EI and communication skills of health care manager candidates". The third had studied "The relationship between EI and communication skill, clinical competence & clinical practice stress in nursing students". They found a significant positive relationship between communication skills and total EI among study participants. Also nursing instructors make stress on communication and social skills as important factor in acquiring clinical performance

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