Miep Gies

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Have you ever heard the names, Miep Gies, Irena Sendler, and Gerda Weissmann Klein? If not, you should have because these were some of the most influential women during the Holocaust. These three women fought against the harsh Nazi Germany party to free jews, provided assistance to the many Jewish ghettos, and told their own story of being in the hands of the Nazis. Miep Gies, Irena Sendler, and Gerda Weissmann Klein were some of the most influential people of the Holocaust due to their heroic actions and achievements.

Miep Gies was just one of many amazing women during the Holocaust. During the start of the Holocaust Miep worked in the office of the very well known Otto Frank. Miep was a very close family friend of the Franks’. When the Frank family decided to go into hiding they turned to Miep to hide them away in the secret annex, of course Miep agreed. When the Frank family went into hiding, Miep was responsible for providing them with food, water, everyday essentials,
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Irena’s nickname while smuggling out the jews was “Jolanta”. She would smuggle jewish children out of the ghetto through suitcases, baskets, and anything else that they could fit into. Once out of the ghetto Irena would set up many different hiding places for the children. She was even able to send some of them to orphanages and religious institutions where hopefully no one would find out who the children actually were and where they came from. The children’s real name and background information was written on paper, put into glass jars and buried in a garden in case any surviving child wanted to find their parents or know where they came from once the Holocaust was over. She also brought basic necessities such as food and sanitary items to the many jewish people who were unable to escape the ghetto (Yad Vashem)
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