Miep Gies: The Secret Annex Survivor Analysis

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Miep Gies: The Secret Annex Survivor The Frank family is a family known for their period of hiding during the Holocaust: A mass extermination of jews run by Adolf Hitler. During that time of hiding, a woman named Miep Gies brought them supplies and other information about what was going on outside of the hiding place. Anne wrote a lot about her in her diary which was later published after the war ended and because of her support during that time, Miep Gies is remembered as one of the most important women in history. However, it is questioned whether or not Miep Gies’s portrayal is identified correctly by the authors Richard Goldstein from the New York Times, Elie Wiesel from Time Magazine, and Harry Smith from CBS News. These three authors portrayal of Miep Gies is fair and accurate because they use Gies’s words and correctly portray her feelings and experiences with Anne Frank and her family.…show more content…
She states in the article, “I am not a hero… I stand at the end of the long, long line of good Dutch people who did what I did and more — much more — during those dark and terrible times years ago, but always like yesterday in the heart of those of us who bear witness.” Mrs. Gies says she wouldn’t identify herself as a hero, but she did witness the Holocaust and its victims and she did help out the Franks in the attic. However, she did not expect to be an influential person and this article correctly portrays that

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