Mighty Trojan Marching Band Research Paper

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The Mighty Trojan Marching Band: Garner’s Unsung Talent Written By: Lauryn Gibbs The Mighty Trojan Marching Band marches to a cadence played by the drumline to Friday night football games. At the games, the band plays stand tunes such as the Garner High classic ‘Hey Baby’. During halftime, the band performs their marching show. During third quarter, the band goes on break. At the end of third quarter, the brass performs the crowd favorite, “brass suicides”. Throughout the fourth quarter the band plays more stand tunes. At the end of the game, the band marches back to the band room and finishes the night with their rendition of ‘Trojan Pride’. During the week, the marching band meticulously works on their 2015 production, ‘Breakthrough’. Students…show more content…
Rebekah Woods, a third year front ensemble member and eleventh grader quoted the movie Drumline, saying, “One band, One sound.” Band members have similar mannerisms, such as walking in time when not in band and making simple songs or beats outside of practice. Around each other, band members lose most inhibitions they have at school and enjoy the presence of other band members before practice. The 2015 Mighty Trojan Marching Band Alongside football games, the Mighty Trojan Marching Band attends many competitions throughout the marching season. Bands true mettle are shown on the field. Competitions are a highlight for many members of the band, since they are filled with rival bands, food and music. While marching band members see band having an ultimatum, get a trophy, or don’t try, Band director Mr. Farrell stresses the importance of professionalism, effort and fun. Third year marcher, trumpet player and junior Blakely Parker added, “What beats talent? Effort.” The Mighty Trojan Marching Band stresses working as an individual for a great purpose: the band. Despite all of the work, time and effort put into marching band individually, the band works as one unit to make a great show and
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