Migrant Blue Monologue

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Vibrant blue Today was gonna be different.. i knew it was, when Zach saw the sparking of an idea in my eyes.. it went off from there. Zach proceeds to sit down and slide down from his normal parking of his body in the cafeteria. I look at him and ask why he's moving and he replies with “There is s*** on the table. I scan thoroughly along the top of the table and that's when i saw it. I looked up at him and he knew i saw it so i said “i got something for you zach!” while i was smirking he said ‘okay.” and you could see he was kinda nervous about what i could have possibly came up with. Knowing me i decided it would be a fantastic idea to go ahead and wait for the whole crew to come sit down before i introduce my astonishing wacky dare. Eventually the crew sits down and we start having a non-exuberant…show more content…
I threw a little spice into our conversation and i grab zach's attention and make sure everyone can hear and i say in a broad voice “ zach, what are the odds?” he’s worried and stutters “ uhmm… for what?” i spoke up “What are the odds that you pick up that vibrant blue sticky piece of gum and chew it?” The whole table is intrigued in this dare and zach can sense everyone closing in on him and he puts on a pair and looks me into the my eyes and ponders it and in a confident voice “ 1-10.” (Devin starts counting down from 3) me and zach feel the anticipation building up and the next sound that comes out of our mouth are “7.” Zach is regretting he took this bet but he looks down picks it up and tosses it in... all you can hear is the utterly, nasty, booing, and shaming the table is giving him. ZAch left me in shock still in attempt to grasp of what i just watched and on the level of disgust i just witnessed. EVeryone started to leave before i could say anything and that's was one of the more disgusting things the cafeteria i was surrounded by that's now embedded within its
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