Migrant Learners In Schools

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Gifted learners are a distinct group of students with special needs from the general population students. Gifted learners from migrant populations are no different. Migrant learners face continuous challenges that may interfere with academic success. Due to the unique differences that migrant learners face, they may need additional academic needs than mainstream learners. Many migrant learners may begin school late and leave prior to the end of the school year (McHatton, Zalaquett, & Cranson-Gingras, 2006). Gifted learners from migrant populations face limitations, as some learners do not attend school at all. With these educational hindrances, migrant learners have gaps in curricular areas. High school migrant learners may have trouble receiving…show more content…
To assist migrant learners with the transition into a new culture, schools can recruit cultural and language diversity educators that will serve as role models to students. Schools can also ensure cultural acceptance throughout the school environment. Parents, especially mothers, are the sources of motivation for migrant learners. Schools need to ensure that they are extending resources and materials to the family unit of migrant learners. These resources should be language friendly and individualized for the migrant family.Opening the doors of the school and understanding the culture of migrant learners is a needed service that differs from mainstream learners. Some mainstream parents and students may feel comfortable as they come to school to interact with other people. Coming into an environment with limited English may be intimidating to some migrant parents. Allowing migrant parents to become a part of the school is needed as the family unit is an inspiration for these students. Offering parental support and outreach programs with translators, if needed, to bring migrant parents to schools will offer additional support to these learners. Gifted migrant learners may face different challenges from mainstream learners. To assist gifted migrant learners, additional services may be needed to close the gaps in educational curricula that results from mobile students. Ensuring these additional supports can assist in academic successes of gifted migrant
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