Migrant Malaysian Economy

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The first impact of the influx of a large number of migrant workers on the Malaysian economy is the air pollution increase. If the migrant increase, the population increase. The net migration in Kuala Lumpur is 25700 from 1991-1997 (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, 2015). One of the major effect on contributing on air pollution is increasing in population. One of the major factor that contribute to air pollution is increasing in population ( Azeez, 2009). This means if the population large, the motor vehicle used will many that contribute to air pollution. According to the SMURT-KL Study, in 1997, there is air pollution in Kuala Lumpur because of car pollution ( Mohamad & Kiggundu, 2007). All this can cause effect to the people that is people…show more content…
One of the factors of the workers shortage is the local workers do not want to work in these areas of manufacturing, construction and agricultural. Day after day, it become an eye opener as the shortage problem effect everything else like economy. An action was taken by taking immigrants to work on the areas. Also, local workers become very selective in selecting their jobs because they want a job that are better than those job areas. In their terms of their job that is better and meet their forte are job that does not include very difficult things, dirt and very dangerous. All these causes creating opportunities to the immigrant to take a job since they are not selective and labors shortage would be solved. “Besides, the rapid development of industrialization and manufacturing activates also leads to the issue of labors shortage at all level” ("Foreign Workers And The Malaysia Economy", 2004/2005). It would be wise to take action of taking immigrant as their workers because immigrant will help in getting profit and maintain the performance. Immigrant are easy to recruit and also immigrant accept if their boss give them a low income. Local workers were being offered higher wages than immigrants but immigrant’s wages are higher than wages in their own countries so immigrant do not have to be selective in Malaysia because any job opportunities they can take as long the wages are better than their own country’s offers. There is another value of immigrants that they accept any additional jobs without complains. The growth of Malaysia’s economy will increase with the help of immigrant full filling the job vacancies. “In order to ensure that the economic development smoothly and more stable, a great number of proficient labor and

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