Migrant Women Workers Research Paper

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Bose, A., (2003) “Migrant women workers: victims of cross-border sex ‘terrorism’ in Asia”, Economic and Political. In this article author has focused on the women who are facing critical situation for survival by fleeing from the aggressive military in Myanmar to the border areas of Thailand and finally to Bangkok; women from rural areas of Thailand seeking Japan’s ‘entertainment’ industry; and women domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines desperately seeking work in many countries. The trauma facing men and women workers going to foreign lands with different languages, religions and culture; the cruelty and wickedness of the recruiting agents who have excellent emigration of women domestic helpers from Nepal to Gulf countries,…show more content…
Data collected the National Sample Survey (NSS), 55th round (1999-2000) have been used, which is also the latest data available on migration. Women migrants have been categorized in two groups: (a) those working prior to and after migration, and (b) those who entered the labor market for the first time after migration. In some cases women leave their jobs because they do not consider it to go outside and earn money. They do not take their economic role as significant then man. Household responsibilities such as childcare and care for the aged are known to keep women away from formal employment. A further break-up of data related to unmarried women who were in regular salaried jobs shows that more than 50% of them were educated up to the higher secondary and above level. Moreover, nearly all the unmarried women were full time workers (96%) as compared to married women (88%).Even educated women do not like to get in labor market because of migration. Further he says that migration has not only affected the women economic condition but also of the men it can be because of the work change caste, poverty

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