Cesar Chavez Speech

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Huelga!!!! Huelga!!!! Huelga!!!! WE WILL NOT STOP WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!!Even if everyone is against us, we will strike against the growers and whoever is in are way. We will make a better world for our kids to grow up in. Migrant workers pick coffee beans, vegetables, fruit, and yet they do not pay minimum wage, which means it is hard for them to provide for their families. Farm owners treated Cesar Chavez and other migrant workers'' as less than human. Chavez led a strike with the migrant workers by walking 300 miles in an effort to bring awareness of the migrant workers situation. By examining the life of migrant workers and Cesar Chavez, the comparison of the walk/strike to the Holocaust prisoners, and the impact of his act of moral courage…show more content…
The were both treated like dirt the soldiers would shoot and kill the jews if they messed up when they were working,the farm owners would call the cops or fire the migrant workers if they did something wrong too. The moral courage in that has they both gone through tough times to survive without knowing if they were going to be alive tomorrow.”who gets the risk? The risk is given to the consumer, the unsuspecting consumer and the poor workforce . And who gets the benefits? The benefits are only for the corporation, for the money makers”(brainyquote). Taking risk is why the migrant workers win the strike. If Caesar just gave up the first time adversity hit no one would have ever believed they could have won. Cezar and the migrant workers. Cesar faces adversity when a farmer sprayed him with fertilizer when he is on strike and then a farmer pulls out a shotgun and shoots at one of the signs and injures a migrant worker .”you are never strong enough to not need help”(brainyquote). The moral courage is Cezar telling everyone to work together, but some migrate workers think they can do everything on their own but realize they can't and face consequences for it. But Caesar showed great courage by always allowing people to help him by not being selfish and working
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