Migrant Workers In The 1930s Essay

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Farm and ranch working has always been around and cheaply available by, migrant workers during the Great Depression and now with immigrants trying to get hired at the farms. Now while the times of both are different with migrant workers existing around the 1930s and the modern immigrants from Mexico, both jobs they get hired at show many similarities. In farms from the 1930s they often picked up desperate workers for cheap pay, as for now it isn't much different. Immigrants who successfully crossed the Mexican borders without getting caught by border control are often hired at farms and ranches. With the measly pay the immigrants receive, the can hardly afford paying a babysitter to care for their children. Back in the Great Depression most…show more content…
Not to mention the harsh heat and pesticides that drip off the plants causing cancer, birth defects and other illnesses.

Now while both jobs share many similar characteristics, they are also different from each other as well. Back in the 1930s people were discriminated by class, the rich dominated the poorer workers as the rich just push the poor aside and treat them like garbage. The immigrants for modern farms were discriminated by race, racism still exist as many people are skeptical of the blacks. People will often complain about the rate of immigrants coming into the United States, claiming about the number of jobs declining and and crime rising. “If those Alabamians on unemployment continue to not apply for jobs in construction and poultry, then [Republican politicians] are going to have to help us continue to find immigrant workers,”
This quote suggest about the jobs immigrants are taking as a law passed for immigrants that aren't verified legally to be in the U.S. cannot be hired for work. The rate of jobs increased as immigrants quitted their jobs in order to avoid arrest. When the time came for Americans to get hired at those jobs, nobody wanted the jobs that immigrants were given due to the harsh conditions and lack of
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