The Argument Of Sources Of Migration

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Migration is a characteristic of economic and social world crosswise numerous countries. Although, the figure of migrant folk differs significantly. To an extent, this is due to the fact that there is an assortment of sources of migration. In most of the parts in Europe for instance, people appreciate immense amount of freedom of movement. Properly driven labour migration holds great significance in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Humanitarian migration as well as family or relative migration could be another type of source. However, whatever its source might be, migration surely has critical effects on our lives and the societies we live in, which also could be controversial, where I will be discussing primarily about The United States.…show more content…
If you happen to be an employer of a company who employs immigrants, you obviously benefit. If you happen to an employee of a company that employs immigrants, then you might lose because you can be outplace by other immigrants. So it all depends on where you, yourself stand. The very primitive view is, as stated above, good and bad. When these people are asked upon, they give a such simplistic answer like the most simplistic argument versus the other. People who are against immigration, normally say it is bad because immigrants come and their jobs, so immigrants come and displace the locals workers, take their jobs usually for less money, and because of that, that is bad. People who are in favour of immigration would say something like, a country is a collection of individuals and a country and a society needs individuals to function, and sometimes a country needs more individuals to function, for whatever reasons. You can replace them with new babies which will take about 15-20 years before they can even start contributing to the country and the society. You have to raise them, pay for their education, food, clothing, shelter, etc. This has to be done for them during the 18 years before they actually give something back to the society. And immigrant is a person who is raised at somebody else's expense and come into your country and start working from day 1. So it's a person who can giving back to the society from day 1, and the local citizen of that country would save thousands and thousands on raising that person. Plus, it may be a person which posses knowledge and skills which the local people don't, and that just makes it more beneficial. They basically get a productive member of the society for free (someone else trained and fed him/her for 18 years). This is the the main opposite opinion. Again, it's much more complex than that but those are the main arguments for and against
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