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Africa is the continent with a massive influx of migrants. Political instability (conflicts, war, dictatorial rule, terrorism) and social-economic problems (unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, lack of education and healthcare resources, are the push factors which have been around for decades. These factors are the major circumstances that push people to become refugees, asylum seekers, and labor migrants. In many African countries, migration has been the core of many political and legislative discussions due to the challenges it brings. Today, many African countries are trying to address the root of issues relating to migration and to find possible solutions.
There is a close connection between migration and human right. The violation of human
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A large number of Africans living outside their country of birth are international migrants. Moreover, those who are living out of their country of birth but within Africa (intra-continental migrants) are forced by circumstances beyond their control to seek refuge in another country. The “Global Migration Group Report of 2008” states that, in 2005, 191 million people, which equals to three percent of the world population, resided outside their country of birth. Almost one in every ten people living in the more developed regions of the world is a migrant compared to one out of every seventh person in the less developed regions. Sixty percent (60%)s of all the world’s migrants lives in the more developed regions.” As of 2015, the number of international migrants currently residing outside of their country of origin has increased by more than 215 million. This never-ending problem is caused by the continuing social, economic and political problems such as conflicts, war, dictatorial rule, terrorism, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, lack of resources, health problems, etc which come about as a result of human rights violation. This desperate situation among Africans has paved a way for undocumented immigrants within and outside Africa. In order to reduce a large number of migrants in rich countries and those who migrate to seek asylum, there is a need for sustainable development, peaceful mechanisms and a need for intervention by international

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