Migration In Malaysian Culture

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1.0 Introduction

If refer to Kamus Dewan (1998:874) that define Malay as a race and speak in a same language. According to R.O. Winsted (1981) that the Malay nation is Malay people who been categories under Polynesia-Malay. While another term of Malay world, which is a group of Malay people who lived near by the sea and knowingly as sea voyagers (Wallace, 1962). Moreover, in the book of The Malay Archipelago: The land of orang-utan and the bird of paradise, which all Malay people communicated using the same language that is Malay language and writes in the same Arabic character, which also believe in Islam (Wallace, 1869:584).
Hence among of Malay people who live in the land of Archipelago that is consist of multi ethnic, which are Malay Javanese, Bugis, Minagkabau and Banjar, which live not in the same district but carried their own tradition and culture. As
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According to Everett S. Lee (1966), in his article “Theory of Migration” said a migration happen related with starting point, purpose and a difficulty of dominant. Based on Dr. Mohamad Salleh Lamry (1987) said that a factor that Malay Banjar migrate from Kalimantan to Malaysia, which because of pressure from political and Dutch colonialism. Hence to open up a new land for farming and became land’s owner is an opportunity during 19th to 20th century. But nowadays, they migrate to Malaysia because of poor live and economy pressures condition in Kalimantan. They chose to live in Malaysia as economy condition is better. In conclude the researcher found that this Malay Banjar has been migrating more than once. Hence on the first settlement of migration, this is in Sumatra that probably adapted with local culture and implies it with own culture. Later on the second of migration, this is in Malaysia and apparently would they really still practices their heritage from their origin land after this long

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