Migration In Vietnam Case Study

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Why is there many migration happening in Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam? In Hanoi, there are lots of people who are Vietnamese. Also, there are people who are from the other countries because of the business(work). The Vietnam is the second largest provinces in Vietnam on population and the population of migrating in Vietnam to other countries is increasing that Vietnam is the fouth largest foreign born population in Asia. The main reason of why Vietnamese had migrated to different countries is the Vietnam war. Vietnam war had caused the migration of Vietnamese people. There is a history of the Vietnam that caused the migration, too. So why does these Hanoi people migrate to other countries after the Vietnam war? There are 3 main questions about that.…show more content…
There are several ways of Hanoi people migrating to different countries. The first way is the boat people in Vietnam. The first wave of migration had many people migrating of educated people and military, urban personnel. And the second wave of Vietnamese refugees migrated to the United States which is known as the 'boat people '. These boat people usually came from pastoral areas and was often less educated. But there were many problems of the boat people. While they were migrating with the boat, the boat usually sank or people didn 't have food to eat while in the boat. And most un-educated people ride a boat because the country doesn 't support them and they don 't have enough money. The second way to migrate from Vietnam is migration to North America. Vietnamese migrants in the United States has grown into one of the country 's largest foreign groups that there are many Vietnamese people working in the US. The Vietnam migrant to the US has happened in three waves, the first beginning in 1975, and the end in the Vietnam war. The first beginning consisted of military

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