Migration In Nigeria Essay

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INTRODUCTION Migration is one of the utmost prominent problems in our country that must be resolved. The problem still persists today. Just as in the other countries in the process of industrialization, the migration from the countryside to the city has begun since 1945 and continued until 1975. Since 1975, due to the inequality in the distribution of economic opportunities according to the locations, people started to migrate from cities to cities. (Tekeli, 2008, s. 50-62). Migration between the cities, which started to become popular since 1975, causes an extreme growth in the cities, thus creates social, economic and environmental problems in urban areas. In this context, cities face essential problems both in the production and supply…show more content…
All the subjects are members of Aydıntepeli association and selected randomly. The troubles observed in this implementation have been eliminated. In addition, a similar study was carried out in İstanbul-Kocaeli by estimating that there might be some problems. The survey was implemented to 10 subjects for the Istanbul-Kocaeli section of the study, field study and in-depth interview techniques were used. Survey questions were reviewed according to these studies. The necessary adjustments were made taking into consideration the opinions of the subjects. Thanks to the in-depth interview conducted with 10 people, it was also possible to better analyze the immigrant-receiving region. The survey consists of questions about personal information, occupational status, the level of interest in the place of residence, economic situation, and the thoughts about remigration. The questions were closed-ended questions, open-ended questions are also used when deemed necessary. The addresses and telephone numbers of the subjects within the scope of the sampling were provided by Aydıntepeliler Association. Two female and two male high school graduates volunteered to help us to get in contact with the subjects. The data obtained are registered in the SPSS
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