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For a few decades, different disciplinary and multi-disciplinary methodologies have been attempting to examine and give fundamental comprehension to the phenomenon of migration. There are large numbers of hypothetical and also experimental studies, which are concerned with attributes, determinants and effect of migration, both of worldwide and in internal levels. Early approaches to migration provide a useful analysis on the reasons as to what motives the individuals and families to migrate and settle in a completely different area unknown to them. Ravenstein in this theory of migration, authored his thought in the 1880s, which was regarded as an innovator work in the field of migration. These laws were included arrangement of movement speculations…show more content…
they will first migrate to places near to them and after that to the rapidly developing urban areas; every primary phase of migration in turn creates a compensating counter phase; the locals of towns are not very fond of migrating than those of rural parts of the nation; there are a large percentage of females during migration to nearby places and in short journeys; the volume of migration continues to rise with the improvement of transport, industry and trade; and the economic reasons to migrate are prevailing among push and pull factors during…show more content…
The migrants can move, however their present income is higher than the income in the place of destination. This is on the grounds that the migrants’ desire for a higher income that would have the capacity to compensate past loses over the long term (Todaro and Smith, 2003). In 1977, Brown and Neuberger as referred to in Kasahun (2000:11) speculated that a few migrants are essentially pushed out of a place of habitation by a combination of undesirable forces that living in the same place unfavorable and unappealing. Others are prompted to leave their home - pulled out- by attractive and promising situations in other places. Likewise, Bekure (1984:608) expressed that migration occurred when conditions in the area of origin became unbearable to live or at the point when the destination seemed

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