Internal Migration In Kenya

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By and large, the migration trends characterizing Kenya and expounded by the International Organization for Migration (2015) are irregular migration, refugees, emigration/immigration and internal migration. Kenya is a regional hub for both irregular and legal migration and moreover the host country of the largest refugee populations in Africa (IOM 2015).
Given the aim of the study, internal migration is the trend analyzed. It refers to the “movement of people from one area of a country to another for the purpose or with the effect of establishing a new residence. This migration may be temporary or permanent. Internal migrants move but remain within their country of origin” (IOM 2011, 51).
In the field of internal migrations it has been proved that Kenya experiences both forced displacement and voluntary migration. It influences population structure and distribution in a country and is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex in nature (ACP 2010).
Internal migration can be categorized by type: in-migration or out-migration or,
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1. Historical Evolution of Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration

Urbanization is the process whereby a parcel of persons collectively settles in an area, eventually developing social institutions that include businesses and government, in order to support themselves as a system. Urban areas are generally characterized as relatively densely populated thus referred to as settlements (Nyaura 2014). To a large extent, the direction of migration flows reflect a country’s level of urbanization and rural-urban migration is conspicuous because it underlines the disparity between the two areas (Oucho 2007).
It can be stated that urbanization in Kenya is almost entirely a 20th century phenomenon and largely a product of British colonial administration. During the period 1895-1963, many of Eastern Africa’s major contemporary towns and cities were established (NCPD 2013).

The Colonial

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