Miguel Leo Portilla The Broken Spears Summary

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The Broken Spears, book written by Miguel Leon-Portilla, honorable Mexican anthropologist and historian that studied in the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1956. The book The Broken Spears or Vision de Los Vencidos (original Spanish book name) has been translated to six different languages; English, German, French, Polish, Catalan, and Otomi. The book was originally published in Spanish in 1959, and presented the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire from the point of view of the natives. Mr. Miguel Leon Portilla, with the help of Angel Maria Garibay K. (in the version of the texts), and Alberto Beltran (in illustrations), known to us in his book " The Vision of the Defeated " a little better about the conquest of the whole area of Mexico between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, long after the arrival of Hernan Cortés and his men to the territories of Mexico - Tenochtitlan. In his introduction Mr. Leon Portilla mentioned briefly what was added to the new edition (twenty-eighth edition to be exact), its new chapter entitled “What…show more content…
This chapter tells us the reaction of Motecuhzoma, if receive in peace or war. After discussing with his brother and his son he decided to receive them peacefully. The next chapter tells how the Spaniards and their allies come to the city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan by the course of Iztapalapa, as major local people come to meet and dialogue between Moctezuma and Cortes, with the help in translating the Malintzin. Further comments, the attitude taken by both the Spaniards and indigenous lords. At the end of chapter tells how the Spaniards, after being installed, interrogating Motecuhzoma about gold stocks and how to seize
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