Mike Belmont: The History Of Vampires

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Essay 1 “The History of Vampires” by Mike Belmont goes into depth about the history of vampires and their origins. Vampires are one of the oldest mythical creatures and stories of them can also be traced into many different cultures and areas of the world, but despite the well known stories of drinking blood and being immortal, not much else if know of how they came to be. Belmont believes the history of vampires can be found in the Scriptures of Delphi in “The Vampire Bible”. The first vampire was an Italian man by the name of Ambrogio, when adventure brought him to Delphi in Greece, Apollo the sun god in a fit of raged cursed him so that his skin would burn when touched by sunlight. Ambrosia later came upon more bad luck when he gambled away his soul to Hades, the god of the underworld. He later became cursed by Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunting who was also Apollo’s sister. Her curse on Ambrogio made him unable to touch silver without burning. Though she cursed him she also took pity on him and gave him the gift of immortality, as well as the gift of speed and strength. This gift she blessed upon him also came with the need to suck blood. Thus Ambrogio became the first vampire. He would later move back to Italy and create the first vampire clan. This clan was mainly composed of humans willing…show more content…
While historical in nature Belmont uses “The Vampire Bible” found in the Scriptures of Delphi, which he believes holds the answers to how vampires came to be, to enlighten readers on the origins of vampires. Belmont uses deductive reasoning by starting with theory, moving on to hypothesis, next working on his observations, and then attempting to confirm this hypothesis. By giving an in depth account on how Ambrosia became the first vampire according to the Scriptures of Delphi, Belmont persuades or at least attempts to make his readers believe that this the true vampire origin
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