Mike Dilbeck: What Makes A Hero?

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Everyone knows the classic stories of knights in shining armor saving the princess from certain death, or the ordinary people that fight for their countries in the heat of war. People hear these stories in awe thinking they would never be able risk their life to save someone else's. But what makes a hero? What sets them apart? Do they need to have special powers? A hero is anyone who gives a little extra to protect something or someone else. Heroes don’t need superpowers. A hero is someone who has saved someone else. Whether it’s tutoring a fellow student so they don't fail a class or saving a random bystanders life, a hero has done something that changes a person's life for the better. They have saved them from something that would change the course of their future. Mike Dilbeck, certified speaking professional, wrote in his article, What Really is a Hero, Anyway,“A hero is as an individual or a network of people that take action on behalf of others in need, or in defense of integrity or a moral cause” (Dilbeck). When someone needs rescued, a hero is there. If someone is in trouble, a hero will save them. To one person, that hero means the world. A hero can be anyone. They don’t have to have been bite by a spider to climb walls, or fly with a shiny, blue cape. They don’t have to battle a duel, or slay a dragon. They are normal people who have the…show more content…
He was a human with no supernatural powers but still he was a man of extraordinary skills and abilities which made him the hero of the story. He was brave, fearless and never hesitated from his duties. (Qualities of a Hero) A hero doesn’t have to be a supernatural being. They only need the strength and courage to do what others are too afraid to do. Not everyone can step up while another is struggling, especially if their own life depends on it. That is what separates a hero from everyone
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