Mike Lupica Hero Character Analysis

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I am reading Hero by Mike Lupica and I am on page 124. The book is about Zach, whose father died in a deadly plane crash. Zach is looking to find out what he thinks happened to his father: The plane crash was not an accident. While still coping with the loss of his father, and while looking for what happened to his father, Zach meets a man, Mr. Herbert, who gives Zach superpowers. In this journal I will be predicting and questioning. I predict that Zach will go to Land’s End to see where his father’s plane crashed. One reason why this could possible happen is that Zach has a burning passion and desire to go see the field where the crash was. Zach has a lot on his mind from the crash still. He was keeping that he wants to go to the field a secret from Kate, and others in the house.…show more content…
You know, just to check it out for myself.” (Lupica 92). This illustrates how Zach wants to go to the field, as if he did not want to go he would not have kept it a secret. He asks his mom if they can go out to the field and she tells him no; however, she says, “Maybe the next time we’re out on the island, whenever that is, maybe the two of us can take a drive out there on day.” (Lupica 98). This depicts how the next time Zach and his mom are on the island they will possibly go the field where Zach’s fathers plane crashed. He talks about riding the Jitney, a bus to the island, stating that Alba could ride with him. This shows that he will do most anything to go to the field, and that eventually he will see it. The second reason that Zach will possibly go to Land’s End is because of his Uncle John. Zach’s Uncle John is his favorite Uncle and he sees him as a father figure now because his father has
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