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A Legend Mike Lupica is an influential sports columnist who has been writing for the New York Post since 1975. He is one of the best-selling authors of books for young adults in the country and has achieved many goals writers everywhere wish to achieve. Mike Lupica was born on May 11, 1952 in Oneida, New York. At the age of twelve, his family moved to New Hampshire due to his dad’s job. While growing up, Lupica, his father, and his sister would love to play sports or go to different sporting events. In high school, Lupica did play sports but was too small and knew he would never be able to go professional. That was when Lupica first found his knack for writing. He would enjoy writing columns over the dramatics of sports for his school newspaper. He also wrote about high school sports for his local newspaper, the Nashua Telegraph, and would receive $5 for every article.…show more content…
While attending college, Lupica majored in English and would enjoy working the night shift at the Boston Globe. He also wrote columns for two different school newspapers and a new paper, the Boston Phoenix. Then shortly after his junior year, Lupica denied a job offer for reporting on the New England Patriots from the Globe. Years later when asked why he had denied the job offer, Lupica said “…I’d have to travel with the team, so I told them that as flattered as I was, senior year in college only comes around once.” (Rattiner,

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