Mike Merchant Case Summary

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Throughout this case there are many different type of legal theories that can apply to a majority of the characters discussed. To start, Mike Merchant could be indicted of trademark infringement. A trademark is a distinctive mark, symbol, name, word, motto, or device that identifies the goods of a particular business. In the textbook there is a case that references a very similar situation to Mike’s; “When the manufacturer of knockoff goods offers a consumer a cheap knockoff copy of the original manufacturer’s more expensive product, allowing the buyer to acquire the prestige of owning what appears to be the more expensive product, there is infringement”. In reference to the case being studied Mike had told Suzy and Samuel that the Rolex watches and the Louis Vuitton (LV) bags were authentic with minor imperfections. Due to the fact that Mike was using LV’s logo and name when selling the handbags at a discounted price than an original, he could be indicted with trademark infringement by LV. The same would be applied for Rolex as well. Unlike a patent, a company that holds a trademark is able to renew the trademark an unlimited number of times for ten-year terms. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone other than the company that developed the…show more content…
This is another example of an unintentional tort by Le Bon Hotdog. This is because Le Bon may have had no idea that their garbage bags were leaking, that is a fact that is missing in this case. Although, there is a New York City (NYC) ordinance that requires owners and tenants to maintain in a safe and reasonable fashion in front of their premises. Often in NYC there are garbage bags laying in bunches throughout the streets for hours. It would not be reasonable for the judge to rule in favor of Lenny because there are so many outstanding factors that surround a case like
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