Mike Rose I Just Wanna Be Average

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What this essay is saying about students and education is there is no student who doesn’t want to learn or what’s to get an education. Everybody is capable of learning, but the problem is sometimes the education are given by people who don’t care if you are learning or not. In this essay, we learned that the author was put in classes where the teachers didn’t care too much about their students and because of this he become a mediocre student. Not because he didn’t like school or he was lazy, but because there was no inspiration in learning. Luckily, Mike Rose the author of I Just Wanna Be Average found someone that wants him to start learning someone that make him change his mind.
Accordingly, to Mike Rose the methods professors use in teaching it affects the way students learn. He tells us this when he said “When his class drifted away from him, which was often, his voice would rise in paranoid accusations, and occasionally he would lose control and shake or smack us” (Rose 346). What Mike Rose is saying in this
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He tells this when he said “You’ll have to shut down, have to reject intellectual stimuli of diffuse them with sarcasm, have to cultivate stupidity, have to convert boredom from a malady into a way of confronting the world” (Rose 350). What he is saying in this sentence is students want to be normal they want to fit in in their classroom and if to do that they must act like fools they would do it. From my own experience, I understand what the author is saying of being average. In my whole life when I enter to a new school year I personally don’t want to stick out, I want to be unnoticed or like the author says average. When the author first hears this sentence “I just wanna be average” (Rose 349) didn’t understand what it means but after years he understood that this sentence means to be like everybody
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